No room for bad Acoustics

Everything about room acoustic improvement is offered:

Evaluation of the current situation, development of measures and determination of the acoustic products and detailed project planning.

1) Acoustic Evaluation

Room acoustics is experienced subjectively. Nevertheless, the impressions are often confirmed by the objective values of measuring instruments. These can then be used as a basis for funding or utility study when a refurbishment is needed.

2) Development of measures

In order to comply with laws and guidelines, careful consideration is given to specific solutions. By using the Odeon simulation program, the reverberation time is approximated after the rooms have been modeled in 3D.

3) Recommendation of suitable products

The range of acoustic elements on the market is changing constantly. It is not only relevant which and how many absorbers are used, but also where they are installed in the room. A conceptual, holistic elaboration in cooperation with suppliers and (interior) designers is mandatory.

4) Design of interior elements

A specific calculation of the material lists, quantity determination, including material waste ensures the quality in interior room project management. If the acoustic elements collide with the geometry, alternative solutions are offered.